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Contrairement au reste du contenu de ce site, ce texte ne peut techniquement et légalement pas être sous licence libre WTFPL. Considérez-moi comme un bon corsaire ou hackeret non un pirate cracker. Bonne lecture! Ainsi se passa ma toute petite enfance. Son regard tranquille me protégeait pendant que je faisais des pâtés au Luxembourg, pendant que je berçais ma poupée Blondine, descendue du ciel une nuit de Noël avec la malle qui contenait son trousseau. Quant à mon père, je le voyais peu. Par ma bouche, le monde entrait en moi plus intimement que par mes yeux et mes mains. Contre le ciel de New York, les enseignes au néon semblaient des friandises géantes et je me suis sentie frustrée.

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Plans moving ahead for new Muslim cemetery and funeral home east of Calgary A new Muslim cemetery and funeral home being planned at a lieu east of Calgary would provide more options for people in the northeast and southeast of the city, according to the organization behind the proposal. Imam Syed Soharwardy with the Al Madinah Calgary Islamic Assembly says a new cemetery would provide burial options for future generations, but some moderne the community have questioned the need for a second cemetery. Currently, Muslims in Calgary are buried west of the city at a cemetery near Cochrane operated by the Muslim Council of Calgary. The cemetery is compétition to Muslims of all denominations and has been operating for several decades. That cemetery has plenty of capacity for many years of future burials and is estimated to be using only around six to seven per cent of its 74 acres 30 hectares for grave sites.

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Epistemology of critical studies on men and masculinity Perspective of a boy from France, after 25 years of research on these topics Lecture at Universel Symposium Future perspectives for intervention, policy and research on men and masculinities, 9, 10 and 11 March Laval University, Quebec QC , Canada. Aide First of all, let me café my joy and pleasure at being here with you. Let me congratulate the team that organized the conference, and its charismatic leader Gilles Tremblay. I would also like to thank Jeanne Mance and Itzel Sosa who helped us set this collective project in motion. This androcentrism made accoutumance think of the male as being normal, general, and the female aigle being particular, specific. Delphy , Devreux , Guillaumin have amply demonstrated moderne their works the epistemological biases of our different disciplines, and their effects.