The Master and Minerva

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When your heart changes so completely on account of a strange girl, you have destroyed your good sense. The master fares no better than his woman-crazy student, for in the subsequent scenes of seduction, Aristotle is so attracted to this foreign creature that, as we see in the miniature, he allows her to ride him like an animal into Alexander's court Figure 3. A woman thus consigns the best clerk in the world to bestiality lineto the very place where his own teaching had relegated her. His book learning discredited and his mastery debased, Aristotle becomes the object of ridicule. As Cato's sentence sums it up: It is disgraceful for the doctor when he convicts himself through his own fault Turpe est doctori cum culpa redarguit ipsum; line

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It is not enough for a wise man to study nature and truth; he should dare state truth juridiction the benefit of the few who are willing and able to think. As for the rest, who are voluntarily slaves of prejudice, they can no more attain truth, than frogs can fly. Le premier, et le plus ancien, est le système du matérialisme; le second est celui du spiritualisme. The first and older system is materialism; the second is spiritualism. The metaphysicians who have hinted that matter may well be endowed with the faculty of thought 1 have perhaps not reasoned ill. For there is in this case a évident advantage in their inadequate way of expressing their meaning. In truth, to ask whether matter can think, without considering it otherwise than in itself, is like asking whether matter can tell time.

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